Voicemail Plus - Hospitality Edition


Homisco VoiceMail Plus is the voicemail system the hospitality industry has been waiting for! It was designed with functionality, ease-of-use and expandability in mind. The system handles the basics and it's customizable to suit your specific needs.


Homisco VoiceMail Plus works with your existing phone services and can be integrated with advanced technologies such as cell phones, pagers, email, database applications and other hardware and software applications.








Advanced features include:


    System administration is made simple using a browser-based manager. Administrators can login and manage the system from their desk or even from their home (secure network connection required).


    Manage everything! Add and remove extensions. Changing a user's Class of Service or create and modify an entire Class of Service. It's all right at your fingertips.


    Use the Audit Trail to monitor all system activity, such as leaving and retrieving messages, turning message-waiting indicators on and off, and whether users are accessing their voicemail message by phone or through the browser-based interface.


    Create and manage distribution lists so admin users can send and forward messages to groups of recipients at once.


    Users can customize their voicemail box so that all messages are copied to their work or personal email account. This feature is very beneficial for remote workers as it allows them to be in touch with co-workers and customers at all times.

Allow or deny the use of features to groups of voicemail users though the Class of Service manager.


The “Audit Trail” lets you monitor system activity regarding use of Messaging, call waiting, voicemail access and other services.


Create and manage distribution lists.


Users can listen to their messages over the phone or the through the browser-based interface, and voicemails can be emailed or saved to a local computer.


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