VoiceMail Plus - Enterprise Edition


VoiceMail Plus offers you more.


Homisco VoiceMail Plus is an advanced voice messaging platform for enterprise use. Yet, it is surprisingly affordable. In addition to offering advanced features, it also supports powerful Interactive Voice Response functionality and tools for you to create custom voice processing applications.  Designed for flexibility and ease-of-use, VoiceMail Plus supports basic voice mail service, email integration, follow-me features, and customized IVR applications.


Advanced Messaging Integration

VoiceMail Plus connects to all your employee's communication devices including cell phones, soft phones, PDA’s, email and databases in TDM and IP packet networks. VoiceMail Plus' Follow-Me features can route a missed call from an extension to a cell phone or other number, and if no connection is made, retrieve the call and record a voicemail message.


Optional Graphical Application Generator

Powerful service creation tool allows you to design your own IVR applications.


Simple Administration and Self-Service

Users can manage their own voicemail box…… configure greetings, notification methods, distribution lists and listen to messages.


Email Integration

Users can customize their voicemail box so that voice messages are copied to their work or personal email account. Listen to voice mail messages by phone, browser or email.


Distribution Lists

Users may broadcast messages to corporate distribution lists, or create their own.


Audit Trail

Records user activity, including when users access their voicemail messages, and if by phone or browser-based interface.


VoiceMail Plus Features


  • Unlimited voice mail boxes
  • Web-based administration
  • Audit trail of user history
  • Broadcast to all users

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