Pre-Paid Billing


The VANX system has the ability to provide real-time wireless IMSI/MIN based account control and monitoring. Subscribers' account balances can be debited or credited using multiple domestic and international tariff tables. Authentication, call control, and switching functions are managed and maintained through a common database engine. No "special" cellular phones are required.


Homisco, Inc.’s research and development department works closely with our customers MIS, billing and marketing departments. Understanding their subscribers’ needs, Homisco, Inc. can provide fast time-to-market and cost-effective features and system enhancements.


Standard Pre-Paid Features:

Pre-Paid Debit Cards

Multi-Language Selection

Toll Fraud Protection

Call Branding

Remote System Access

Dial Over Branding

Roaming Ready

BOC Alarm Module

Multi-Tariffing Schemes

On/Off Peak Billing

Configurable Call Restrictions Tables

30/60/90 Minimum Usage Fee

Configurable Billing Call Length

Customer Service Profile Module

Customer Activity Monitor

and Tracking Module


Optional Pre-Paid Features

Real-Time Validation (external access)

System Redundancy


TAP3/CDR Exchange Format

Custom CDR Billing Format

Voice Mail

SMS Services

Custom Features



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