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Cloud9 Secure Call Capture


Being able to record, retrieve, and review recordings of your staff’s phone interactions is a valuable tool for improving performance, shortening training cycles, and mitigating business risk.  However, today’s call capture systems bring challenges of their own: critical customer data security, PCI and legal compliance, and significant costs for support and storage.

Cloud9 is a safer, smarter, better solution for call capture and retrieval.

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ASP Call Manager


Our Voice Network Management application,  Call Manager ASP, is a call accounting package with a distinct difference. The Call Manager ASP provides automatic email alerts to facilitate easy identification of a myriad of potential management problems. The data is collected at the PBX and sent to our servers in Melrose, MA, where it is processed for retransmission and stored for short-term backup. Call accounting collects call record information generated by your PBX. A call record contains the information about which extension made the call, at what time, where to, for how long, and at what cost. The call is priced and retained on the hard drive either on the customer's site or remotely on our servers, as in the case of the Manager ASP. The collected data is accessible for reporting and printing.


ContactQ Call Center Platform


Contact Q is a powerful Open Source, Linux based Contact Center that will provide Powerful IVR for self-service applications, ACD/Contact center, extensive live agent and supervisory displays as well as detailed and customizable management reporting.


Fluency Call Center


The Fluency Communications SuiteTM (FluencyTM) is a comprehensive suite of call center software capabilities designed to provide telephony and web-based communication applications for sales and service environments.


VoiceMail Plus - Enterprise Edition


Homisco VoiceMail Plus is an advanced voice messaging platform for enterprise use. Yet, it is surprisingly affordable. In addition to offering advanced features, it also supports powerful Interactive Voice Response functionality and tools for you to create custom voice processing applications.  Designed for flexibility and ease-of-use, VoiceMail Plus supports basic voice mail service, email integration, follow-me features, and customized IVR applications.



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