Cloud9 Secure Call Capture


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Cloud9 was built from the ground up to be fully PCI-compliant and SEC-compliant from cradle to grave on every call. Cloud9 also provides you with court-admissible evidence for fraud prevention, loss prevention, malicious or threatening calls, and dispute resolution. In addition, Cloud9 has built-in Business Continuity features with cloud-based storage and network redundancy



Cloud9’s Quality Monitoring module provides you with customizable scorecard capabilities, so that you can monitor and track the Key Performance Indicators that are most critical  to your business. Utilizing the QMS along with recording-based training give you a proven way to shorten on-boarding cycles, and improve new hire performance.



Cloud9 gives you the whole solution in one affordable package.  No nickel-and-diming, no up-selling after the sale.  You get it all:

   Automatic updates included

    Proactive Support Included

    ALL Ten Modules included








1. Call Capture


2. Screen Capture


3. Live Monitor


4. Quality Management


5. Secure API




6. Reports


7. Call Encryption


8. Secure VPN


9. Secure Cloud Storage


10. Business Continuity

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