Call Analyzer


Homisco's Call Analyzer is a stand-alone call-accounting system which allows administrative users remote access to their call data from any Windows-based computer on their network. The information is accessed using our user-friendly point-and-click interface. With just a few simple clicks you can run reports, view them, print them to any printer on your network, save them for future use and distribute to appropriate department heads as necessary.


The Call Analyzer main screen contains two windows which show live call data from the PBX and posted calls to the PMS as they occur. Not sure if you're collecting and posting phone revenue? Just make a few test calls and watch them scroll across your screen to put yourself at ease!


The Call Manager enhancement will also alert you to interface down conditions as they occur. Interface down notifications, as well as 911 alerts, are emailed out to the Homisco service department as well as to your employees who need to know. Emails can be sent to any device that is email capable.


In addition to our standard call-accounting features, the Call Analyzer with The Call Manager enhancement uploads call data on a nightly basis. The call data is processed and productivity reports are run based upon predetermined parameters decided by you, the end user.


You can also set up the system to report on who is making specific types of calls, such as -- international, interstate, information and directory assisted calls. These reports are emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with no input from you, you get only the "unusual" call activity that you would like to monitor.

















The Call Analyzer main screen.

 All user functions are easily accessed from here. Watch live PBX and PMS calls scroll across the screen as they are processed by the CAS system.
















 Sample detail report setup screen.

Just click on the settings that you wish to use, the dates you desire and on which divisions,

 departments & extensions.


Homisco Call Analyzer


Key Features:



    Stand-alone PC Platform

    Network-ready with easy to use remote client(s)

    Active Call Monitor client for personnel who wish to view live PBX & PMS call data

    Multiple User

    Multiple Sites

    The security of on-site pricing

    Interfaces to any major PBX

    Interfaces to any major PMS

    Comprehensive Reports

    Easy to use Call Calculator

    24x7x365 Customer Support

    Databases custom-built by our experienced support staff

    Remote Diagnostics

    Professional on-site installation available

    On-site or remote training


Call Manager Enhancement


Key Features:

Add-on enhancement for existing Homisco CAS customers

Critical system alerts emailed to key personnel as well as the Homisco service department

Email notification of 911 calls

Email notification of system reboot events

Daily, weekly or monthly call detail reports on any or all stations

Daily, weekly or monthly automated reporting of unusual call activity, such as calls: During certain hours, Too long, Too expensive,Of a certain call type

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